Friday, April 11, 2008

Latest News: Fugitive Last Seen at Government Office

Singapore. The man-on-the-run has taken on a new name and disguise. Reporters note that in the latest development to Singapore's most extensive manhunt to-date, Mas Selamat Kastari was last heard to be at one of the local branches of the Housing and Development Board. A witness who only wanted to be known as 'Just Ho' had this to say, "This guy said he was Rashid from the Loans Department. He wanted to con me of 50 Ringgit! I guess he was desperate for some spare change, and probably thought he was in Malaysia or something." Reporters at the scene understand from the authorities that Mas posed as an officer from HDB, and he was taking bribes to assist in loan approvals.
"I suspected something was wrong when he got nervous. He exposed himself when he mentioned something about feeling guilty going for prayers, and he wanted to 'do some good'. So he approved my loans without taking any bribe from me. Actually he was quite nice and apologetic. I might just buy him a cup of coffee." Just Ho said.
There was no further comment from the HDB office, although reporters understand that a Board of Inquiry is being set up within the organisation, consisting of experts in housing loans and terrorist telecommunications from Britain and America. "We will leave no stone unturned and we will get to the bottom of the security lapse. We shall report the findings in Lianhe Wanbao when we can establish how Mas got into the branch office and pretended to be an officer." Spokesman for HDB, See Buay Eng commented.
Police Commissioner Kah Dian Wei assured the public that the matter was being looked into, "Fortunately HDB has voice recordings of the conversation." The public is advised to stay vigilant and to report if there are any suspicious Rashids who might make phonecalls asking for 50 Ringgit. Details of his raspy voice will be confirmed and released to the public in the next 10 days.


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