Friday, April 11, 2008

Mas catch him


Singapore most wanted fugitive was reported to have surfaced recently, implicated in phone extortion cases whilst masquerading as an officer from the local housing authority (HDB).
A visibly embarrased HDB spokeperson See Buay Eng acknowledged another major breach in security of another Singapore civil service office.
Further to Mas Selamat trying to pass off as a HDB officer, it was also reported that he tried to impose as a Tax officer, offering bogus F1 and Old Trafford tickets as incentive for filing taxes on time. A newly sweared in citizen who declined to be named said, "I was thinking how cool is my new country! Free F1 admission and chance to see my favourite soccer team live? To think I was actually hoping in my heart that they will give out pair of ticket instead of one just so I can share my happiness with my boy."
The Singapore Police Force has roped in the help of FBI, Scotland Yard and Sony Ericsson to reconstruct the recorded calls made by the wanted man. These information shall be slowly released to the public in stages in the vein of early public disclosure.
The local Police Commisioner raised an intriguing question, "Our Home Team is amazed by Mas's resilience for evading capture for so long, and most importantly his ability to be able to charge his handphone in his alleged hiding places of forests."


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